It's Business Time

It's Business Time
Mission Name
It's Business Time
Electron Name
It's Business Time
Launch Date
11 November 2018
Launch Time
03:50 UTC (16:50 NZT)
Launch Site
Launch Complex 1

Click the video above to watch the launch webcast.

Mission Overview

It's Business Time was Rocket Lab's third Electron launch. It's Business Time was manifested with commercial satellites from Spire Global, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Fleet Space Technologies, as well as an educational payload from the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program (ICSP) and a drag sail technology demonstrator designed and built by High Performance Space Structure Systems GmBH (HPS GmbH).

The payloads were launched to a 210km x 500km circular orbit at 85 degrees, before being circularized to 500 x 500 km using Rocket Lab’s Curie engine powered Kick Stage.  

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Launch Updates

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