MAX Ground Data Systems

Full-featured and scalable ground data system

Developed to support the entire spacecraft lifecycle, MAX GDS is a
ground software solution that provides complete spacecraft command and control
for all spacecraft and constellations.

Streamlined Operations

The command and control platform is
built on an optimized data-streaming core,
proven multi-mission database and rich
displays, providing quick insight into assets
and in flight.


Leveraged during the entire spacecraft life
cycle from simulation through AI&T and to
on-orbit operations providing a test as you fly
approach to operations.

Rich Visualizations

MAX GDS Insight provides a fully customizable,
rich user interface for displaying spacecraft
telemetry, events, and alarms.

Powerful API

API, extensions, and scripting provides a powerful
set of mission management tools which also
allows third-party integration.

With optimized
command and
control MAX GDS is
the solution for a
single spacecraft
or constellation

max gds office

License Options

MAX GDS can be purchased
with or without MAX FSW.
Licenses exist for a local and
cloud deployments.

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