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Rocket Lab is committed to backing the next generation of aerospace experts through our Education Programs. We're on a mission to:

  • Inspire young people of all backgrounds to fall in love with space and STEM and remove barriers to them achieving their dreams;
  • Inform the public about our work, missions, and goals;
  • Involve local organizations and community groups in Rocket Lab’s growth;
  • And build relationships between the space and education sectors in the US, New Zealand, and beyond, facilitating more growth and partnership across all.


Space Ambassadors

Currently, our Space Ambassador Program makes it possible for Rocket Lab Space Ambassadors – people who work in all areas of our business, who are passionate about Space and STEM – to connect with young people and visit with schools either in-person or online.

If you are a staff member at a school, or a community or education institution, you can register to become a Space Ambassador School through our Registration Portals:

· Schools based in the US/Canada

· Schools based in NZ 

Becoming a Space Ambassador School means you will not only be able to organize Space Ambassador visits – you will also be the first to know about any of our developing Education Programs and how you can be involved.

If you are a student or other interested member of the public, you are welcome to sign up to our Education Mailing List, which means we will keep you in the loop about new opportunities on the horizon to get involved, informed, and inspired with what we do here at Rocket Lab.

If you would like to know anything specific about Rocket Lab’s Education Programs, you can e-mail 

Space Educators 

We are now accepting applications for our inaugural cohort of Rocket Lab Space Educators, partnering with our acclaimed international Space Ambassadors program. Space Educators are a small group of elite classroom teachers who are already doing extraordinary things to inspire, inform, and involve young people in finding their place in space.

If this is you, Rocket Lab wants to celebrate the work you’re doing and support you to share your impact on an international scale – with resources and rare insight into the work we do to make space accessible for all.

Applications close 10 May 2022.

Click here to apply to the Space Educators program: Space Educator 2022 | Rocket Lab (

Click here to download a lesson plan template to accompany your application, if you need it:


Rocket Lab Fact Sheet: Meet Electron!

Subject: About Rocket Lab & its Electron launch vehicle

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Fact Sheet: Launching Rockets

Subject: How rockets are launched

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Fact Sheet: Orbital Mechanics

Subject: How satellites stay in space

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Fact Sheet: Small satellites, big future

Subject: What satellites are used for

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Activity Plan: Composite Materials

Subject: Composite Materials

Duration: 25 minutes plus 4 hours freezing time plus 20 minutes

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Activity Plan: Rockets

Subject: Why do rockets fly?

Duration: 45 minutes

Download PDF

Rocket Lab Activity Plan: Straw Rockets

Subject: Engineering design

Duration: 20 minutes

Download PDF

Rocket Lab: Word find

Subject: Word find

Download PDF

Rocket Lab: Colouring in sheet

Subject: Electron colouring in sheet

Download PDF