Innovative, lightweight,
and with a perfect flight record

The Mark II Motorized Lightband (MLB) is the original in motorized vehicle separation systems. It boasts a heritage of perfect flight under every condition imaginable. From standard sizes to highly customized configurations, the MLB easily meets the demanding needs of any mission.

Users Manual
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100% Mission Success

The Motorized Lightband’s heritage
includes 100+ separations on-orbit with
100% mission success.

Easy to use

Integrate in in less than one day.
Training is simple. Users can
reconfigure switches and connectors.

Integrated Solution

Integrated springs, switches, and
connectors streamline mission design,
assembly, test, and flight.

Mission Critical

With a low-height,
low shock,
and low tip-off rates.

Flight Proven

  • The Mark II Motorized Lightband (MLB) is a space vehicle separation system. It is used to separate space vehicles from launch vehicles and to separate elements of launch vehicles. The Lightband is offered in a range of sizes from 8 to 38 inch bolt circle diameter.
  • The MLB is made of aluminum alloys and features a dual redundant release motor. The MLB can support up to 1800lb payloads, and has been proven over hundreds of missions since its first flight in 2006.
  • The Lightband is a patented, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology. It is made with materials and methods consistent with high-reliability and NASA Class-A space flight hardware.
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Standard MLB Sizes

Bolt Circle
Diameter (IN)
Number of
8.000  12 
11.732  18 
13.000 20 
15.000 24 
18.250 28 
19.848 28 
23.250 32 
24.000 36 
31.600 48
38.810 60
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