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MAX Flight Software - Cumulative years in space

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In October 2021, Rocket Lab acquired Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI), a Colorado-based aerospace engineering firm delivering mission proven space software, mission simulation, and testing solutions.

ASI’s industry-leading technology in flight software, mission simulation, and Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) significantly strengthen Rocket Lab’s Space Systems portfolio, which encompasses the Photon spacecraft line and Rocket Lab’s satellite component hardware. Both Rocket Lab and ASI have built leading space businesses with mission proven technology. Together, we’re delivering an industry leading comprehensive space solution spanning launch, spacecraft build, and mission design and operations.

A complete spacecraft simulation environment in STK that embeds a desktop version of MAX Flight Software.

SOLIS includes:

  • Full dynamics and space environment modeling
  • Attitude determination and control
  • Sensor and actuator models
  • Power and payload modeling
  • Powerful sequencing for CONOPS development
  • Rapidly evaluate system trade-offs and ensure that spacecraft capabilities and constraints at all phases

Rapidly evaluate system tradeoffs at all stages.

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Flight proven off-the-shelf flight software providing the foundation for complex space missions from day one.

MAX FSW Includes:

  • Full FSW library for all spacecraft functions including GN&C
  • SEQUENCER – Providing highly autonomous operation
  • ODySSy - Onboard Dynamic Simulation System
  • MAX DevTool - Auto-Coding for customizing your flight software
  • MAX GDS (Ground Data System) for interacting with MAX

Easily configurable for all spacecraft types.

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Developed to support the entire spacecraft lifecycle, MAX GDS is a ground software solution that provides complete spacecraft command and control for all spacecraft and constellations.

MAX GDS includes:

  • Streamlined operations with complete command & control for all spacecraft and constellations
  • Rich visualizations and powerful API
  • Test as you fly light capability reducing risk and training related to having different ground systems for test and flight.

Simple yet powerful ground system optimized for MAX FSW.

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A five-part video series with an in-depth overview of each product.

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Max Portal

Documentation and support for all products. Our ongoing development and product
integration ensures that lessons learned are lessons acted upon. We are continuously
incorporating new capabilities into all our products to ensure the pace, reliability, and
capability of today is always better than before.

MAX Portal

Space Heritage

50+ Successful Satellite Missions
185+ Years Cumulative On-orbit Operation

  • First Interplanetary Mission (2022)
  • 2 Commercial Imaging
    Spacecraft Launch
    (December 2021)
  • Commercial Imaging
    Spacecraft Launch
    (November 2021)
  • MAX Autonomy Debuts
    Mission Ops Center Operational
    (June 2021)
  • DARPA Mandrake-2 Able & Baker
    Commercial Tech Demo Spacecraft Astro Digital Shasta Tenzing
    Commercial Hosted Payload Spacecraft Spaceflight Sherpa LTE-1
    (June 2021)
  • Commercial Image
    Spacecraft Launch
    (March 2021)
  • DARPA Launch
    (November 2020)
  • 2 Commerical Imaging
    Spacecraft Launch
    (August 2020)
  • USAFA FalconSat-8
    Boeing ART-2
    Astro Digital Palisade
    (May 2020)
  • MAX Received EAR 9D515 (2019)
  • Commercial Imaging
    Spacecraft Launch
    (August 2019)
  • AstroDigital Launch MX-1 (July 2019)
    Commercial Imaging Spacecraft
    (June 2019)
  • First MAX Satellite
    Electron Launch
    (July 2019) Electron Launch Vehicle
  • USAFA FalconSat-6
    USAF STPSat-5
    Astro Digital CORVUS BC-4
    Astro Digital Comm Spacecraft
    Commercial Imaging Spacecraft
    (December 2018)
  • Commercial Imaging
    Spacecraft Launch
    (November 2018)
  • Astro Digital Launch
    (January 2018)
  • MAX Enhanced for
    Interplanetary Missions
  • SOLIS Expands Internationally (2016)
  • ORBCOMM Launch with ASI FSW/ODySSy
    11 Gen 2 Satellites Launched
    (December 2015)
  • SOLIS Target Planner Introduced (2014)
  • ORBCOMM Launch with ASI FSW/ODySSy
    6 Gen 2 Satellites Launched
    (July 2014)
  • First SOLIS Release (August 2011)
  • USAFA Launch
    (November 2010)
  • ASI/AGI Partnership (2010)
  • ORBCOMM Constellation Awarded
    Provide FSW and ADCS for FalconSat
  • TacSat-2 Launch
  • Air Force Agreement
    Provide FSW and ADCS for FalconSat
    Initial Max Development
  • TechSat-21 Awarded
    ADCS Design & FSW including ODySSy