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In October 2021, Rocket Lab acquired Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI), a Colorado-based aerospace engineering firm delivering mission proven space software, mission simulation, and testing solutions.

ASI’s industry-leading advances in flight software, mission simulation, and Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) significantly strengthen Rocket Lab’s Space Systems portfolio, which encompasses the Photon spacecraft line and Sinclair Interplanetary satellite hardware. Both Rocket Lab and ASI have built leading space businesses with mission proven technology. Together, we’re delivering an industry leading comprehensive space solution spanning launch, spacecraft build, and mission design and operations.

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SOLIS provides a complete spacecraft simulation environment in STK that embeds a desktop version of ASI’s full-featured MAX Flight Software.

SOLIS includes:

  • Full dynamics and space environment modeling
  • Attitude determination and control
  • Sensor and actuator models
  • Power and payload modeling
  • Powerful sequencing for CONOPS development

Rapidly evaluate system trade-offs and ensure that spacecraft capabilities and constraints are considered early and satisfied at all times.

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MAX is flight-proven off-the-shelf spacecraft flight software that provides the foundation for your complex space mission from day one.

MAX is supported by a complete space mission development environment including:

  • Full FSW library for all spacecraft functions including GN&C
  • SEQUENCER – Providing highly autonomous operation
  • ODySSy - Onboard Dynamic Simulation System
  • MAX DevTool - Auto-Coding for customizing your flight software
  • MAX GDS (Ground Data System) for interacting with MAX

MAX can be configured rapidly for your spacecraft using the SOLIS mission engineering environment.

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Industry leading Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) expertise spanning the full spacecraft lifecycle including requirements definition and conceptual design, hardware development and procurement, algorithm design and object-oriented flight software development, simulation and test, system level integration, and mission operations. Our GN&C experience includes:

  • LEO, MEO & GEO spacecraft
  • Interplanetary spacecraft and landers
  • Human-rated systems
  • Rendezvous, Prox Ops, and Docking systems

Our staff includes a talented mix of engineers who have worked missions ranging from experimental cubesats to national asset class missions for NASA, DoD, and commercial enterprises.

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