Dedicated access to space for small satellites

34 launches
to date
157 satellites
Only reusable small
launch vehicle
3 dedicated
launch pads

Your mission, your way

Tailored orbits, schedule control, responsive launch


18 m / 59 ft
1.2 m / 3.9 ft
2 + Kick Stage
Wet Mass
13,000 kg / 28,660 lb
Payload to LEO
300 kg / 661 lb
Carbon Composite
LOX / Kerosene

Kick Stage

Electron’s unique Kick Stage is designed to deliver small satellites to precise and unique orbits, whether flying as dedicated or rideshare.

  • Deployment of payloads at multiple planes/inclinations
  • Higher altitude deployment
  • Hosted payload support
  • Multiple trajectory changes
  • Sustained low altitude orbits
  • Deorbiting payloads to eliminate space debris
electron kickstage

Rutherford Engine

Proven performance. The world’s first 3D-printed, electric-pump-fed rocket engine.


First Stage

  • 9 Sea-level Rutherford Engines
  • Lift-off Thrust: 190 kN (43,000 lbf)
  • Peak Thrust: 224 kN (56,000 lbf)
  • ISP: 311 seconds


Second Stage

  • Single Vacuum Rutherford Engine
  • Total Thrust: 25.8 kN (5,800 lbf)
  • ISP: 343 seconds
electron rutherford2


Electron is the only reusable orbital-class small rocket. Capturing and reflying Electron’s first stage enables higher launch frequency without expanding production and lowers launch costs.

electron recovery
Payload User's Guide