Dedicated access to space for small satellites

21 launches to date
105 satellites successfully deployed
Only reusable small launch vehicle

Your mission, your way

Tailored orbits, schedule control, responsive launch

Electron Overview

18 m / 59 ft
1.2 m / 3.9 ft
2 + Kick Stage
Wet Mass
13,000 kg / 28,660 lb
Payload to LEO
300 kg / 661 lb
Carbon Composite
LOX / Kerosene

Kick Stage

Electron’s unique Kick Stage is designed to deliver small satellites to precise and unique orbits, whether flying as dedicated or rideshare.

  • Deployment of payloads at multiple planes/inclinations
  • Higher altitude deployment
  • Hosted payload support
  • Multiple trajectory changes
  • Sustained low altitude orbits
  • Deorbiting payloads to eliminate space debris
electron kickstage

Rutherford Engine

Proven performance. The world’s first 3D-printed, electric-pump-fed rocket engine.


First Stage

  • 9 Sea-level Rutherford Engines
  • Lift-off Thrust: 190 kN (43,000 lbf)
  • Peak Thrust: 224 kN (56,000 lbf)
  • ISP: 311 seconds


Second Stage

  • Single Vacuum Rutherford Engine
  • Total Thrust: 25.8 kN (5,800 lbf)
  • ISP: 343 seconds
electron rutherford2


Electron is the only reusable orbital-class small rocket. Capturing and reflying Electron’s first stage enables higher launch frequency without expanding production and lowers launch costs.

electron recovery
Payload User's Guide
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