Make It Rain

Make It Rain


Mission Name: Make It Rain
Rocket: Electron
Launch Date: 29 June 2019
Launch Site: Launch Complex 1
Launch Time: 04:30 UTC (16:30 NZST)

Mission Overview

The Make It Rain mission launched multiple spacecraft as part of a rideshare flight procured by Spaceflight. The launch took place from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula.

The mission was named ‘Make it Rain’ in a nod to the high volume of rainfall in Seattle, where Spaceflight is headquartered, as well in New Zealand where Launch Complex 1 is located. Among the payloads on the mission for Spaceflight were BlackSky’s Global-3 satellite and Melbourne Space Program’s ACRUX-1 CubeSat.

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