It's Business Time

It's Business Time


Mission Name: It's Business Time
Rocket: Electron
Launch Date: 11 November 2018
Launch Site: Launch Complex 1
Launch Time: 03:50 UTC (16:50 NZT)

Mission Overview

It's Business Time was Rocket Lab's third Electron launch. It's Business Time was manifested with commercial satellites from Spire Global, Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Fleet Space Technologies, as well as an educational payload from the Irvine CubeSat STEM Program (ICSP) and a drag sail technology demonstrator designed and built by High Performance Space Structure Systems GmBH (HPS GmbH).

The payloads were launched to a 210km x 500km circular orbit at 85 degrees, before being circularized to 500 x 500 km using Rocket Lab’s Curie engine powered Kick Stage.  

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