Rocket Lab and Planet create commemorative patch to celebrate anniversary of first woman in space

Rocket Lab and Planet create commemorative patch to celebrate anniversary of first woman in space

San Francisco and Huntington Beach, 15 June 2018:

Rocket Lab and Planet have teamed up to create a commemorative patch to mark the 55th anniversary of the first woman in space – Valentina Tereshkova. Proceeds from all patch sales will be donated to the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program, which provides paid internships and executive mentorship for exceptional undergraduate women in aerospace.

The original patch was worn by Tereshkova when she was launched to space in 1963, spending three days orbiting Earth 48 times in her space capsule, Vostok 6. Tereshkova was the first person to wear a mission emblem on her spacesuit, although it was hidden from view. The limited-edition Rocket Lab and Planet patch features a dove and the same color scheme as the original patch, with the addition of the Pleiades constellation, also known as the Seven Sisters, to represent women in space.

While the past 55 years has seen many more women travel to space, work in the wider space industry and hold leadership positions in aerospace, the industry is still overwhelmingly male-dominated. Men currently account for 88.5% of aerospace roles in the US [1]. Rocket Lab and Planet are committed to hiring, mentoring and supporting more women in pursuing careers in aerospace.

“The women working in aerospace today follow in the footsteps of inspiring and tenacious women like Tereshkova, who blazed trails. Today, we’re in an exciting era of spaceflight and it’s encouraging to see women driving innovation and progress at all levels within the industry,” said Naomi Altman, Avionics Manager, Rocket Lab.

"As a woman who has worked in aerospace for the past 30+ years, it is inspiring and gratifying to see more women entering the field, rising up through the technical and leadership ranks, and getting well deserved recognition for accomplishments and contributions to the industry. This new mission patch symbolizes the journey women in aerospace have taken since Tereshkova's first flight, and the path we will imagine and create for the future​," said Barbara Plante, Director, Flight Software, Planet. ​

The limited-edition patches are available for purchase via the Rocket Lab online shop at

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