Responsive Space

Accelerating the path to orbit with rapid call-up launch on demand and agile satellite solutions

When satellites fail, whether through accidental and deliberate actions, the repercussions on the ground are swift and widespread. Commercial and government operators alike can't afford to lose capability on orbit. In today’s dynamic environment, the ability to establish new technologies on orbit is also crucial to provide time-critical insights and capability from space.

Rocket Lab's Responsive Space Program enables this, ensuring space assets can be launched, reconstituted, and augmented on rapid timelines, delivering confidence and resilience to our customers.

responsive launch pad

Responsive Launch,
Responsive Satellites

Electron – proven rocket delivering quick-reaction launch

Restoration of
disabled assets

Establishment of new technologies
on orbit enabling agile R&D


Rocket Lab satellites – reliable spacecraft buses for constellations and rapid R&D

Prototyping of new spacecraft
technology and concepts
with proven common
bus structures and subsystems

Constellations based on
Rocket Lab satellites,
with satellites available on
standby for customer payload
integration and launch on demand

Schedule assurance
through vertical
integration and control
of supply chain

Launch On

Launch vehicles, payload processing
facilities, personnel, launch sites and
ground stations capable of supporting
24-hour rapid call up launch.

Flexible Launch

Three launch pads across two
hemispheres. Choose from Launch
Complex 1 in New Zealand or Launch
Complex 2 in Wallops, Virginia.


Reliable launch vehicle and proven team
that has delivered more than 180
spacecraft to orbit. We've demonstrated
the ability to support rapid integration
and short notice customer-driven
changes in launch schedule,
inclination, and launch site.

High Launch

With three dedicated launch pads, launch
vehicles on standby allocated to responsive
missions, extensive vertically integrated
manufacturing operations supporting rapid
launch vehicle build times, and a proven
team that has launched more than 27
missions, we know how to launch again
and again like clockwork.

Wide Range
Of Orbits

Launch Complex 1:
30° - SSO+

Launch Complex 2:
30° - SSO+

Rapid Payload

Satellites received, integrated,
encapsulated, and ready
for launch in 24 hours.
Sensitive and classified payload
processing supported.


Rocket Lab satellite technology
features in 1,700 spacecraft on
orbit and counting, including
complete Photon spacecraft
designed, built, launched and
operated by Rocket Lab.


High degree of supply chain certainty and
rapid production timelines enabled by
in-house manufacturing of launch vehicles
and flight-proven spacecraft subsystems
including solar, structures, radios, separation
systems, propulsion, flight software, star
trackers, and reaction wheels.

We keep responsive
space simple

Here’s how we get ready to launch your satellite in days

Mission Planning
and Concept of

Your dedicated mission management team
will work with you to understand your
mission requirements, reference orbits,
payload and integration specifications.
From this, we’ll tailor a bespoke rapid
responsive launch plan for your mission.
This could include a responsive launch
plan, responsive satellite solution, or both.

build and Test

If you choose a launch plus satellite
package, we'll keep your Rocket Lab-built
satellite flight-ready and awaiting
integration with your payload on demand.

Standby period

We will remain on standby in a state of
launch readiness to support your mission
on your call. We will conduct periodic
reviews to ensure con-ops remain fit for
mission requirements.

Notice to
launch issued

You give us the call to launch and the clock
starts on your required mission timing.

Payload delivered
and integrated

From arrival at the launch site, payload
integration and encapsulation can be
completed in 24 hours.

Personnel and
Assets Readied

Dedicated team to support 24 hour
operations including mission manager,
launch operations engineers and
technicians. Our dedicated range tracking
assets will be configured for flight.

Let's launch

24 hours from call-up, we'll launch
your satellite to the precise,
planned orbit from one of our two
launch complexes: LC-1 in New
Zealand or LC-2 in Virginia.


If you've chosen a Rocket Lab satellite as well
as launch on Electron, our proven team can
operate your satellite from one of our five
mission operations centers across California,
Colorado, Virginia and New Zealand.

We’re ready. Are you?

Develop your responsive mission plans with us today.

Launch Me