Our Launch Sites

A site to fit every customer's requirements - Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1, Cape Canaveral & Pacific Spaceport Complex.

Launch Complex 1

Mahia, New Zealand - Private Orbital Launch Site

Rocket Lab offers the world’s first private orbital launch range in Mahia, New Zealand. This FAA compliant site can accommodate a launch rate of 120 flights per year and is licensed for a launch to occur every 72 hours. From the site it is possible to reach orbital inclinations from sun-synchronous through to 39 degrees. This enables a lower-cost launch option with a wide spectrum of orbital inclinations.

Mahia, New Zealand

USA Launch Sites:

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Rocket Lab/NASA Space Launch Agreement

Rocket Lab has a Commercial Space Launch Act Agreement with NASA, which allows Rocket Lab to utilize Kennedy Space Center Launch Complexes to launch Electron vehicles to low-inclination orbits.

Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska

Rocket Lab has partnered with Alaska Aerospace Corporation to utilize PSCA to launch Electron vehicles to high-inclination orbits on U.S. domestic soil.