Introducing Our New Look

Introducing our new look. 

One of our values at Rocket Lab is to be ever evolving. It’s this mindset that led us to evolving Electron into a reusable rocket. It guided our decision to develop a larger launch vehicle, Neutron, to meet the growing needs of the constellation market. And it underpins our growth strategy to go beyond launch and deliver complete mission solutions as an end-to-end space company.

That drive for evolution extends to our brand identity too. And so, after 15 years of loyal service, it’s time to refresh our original logo. 

So why now? Story time. In 2006, our founder Peter Beck embarked on something of a rocket pilgrimage. He was in search of an opportunity to join a company or organization that was reimaging the way we access space by providing small satellites with a dedicated ride to orbit. Trouble was, no one was doing that, at least not the way he wanted to. On the flight home Peter decided to found Rocket Lab, sketched out a logo on a napkin, and the rest is history. Our original logo has flown to space on our Electron rockets 23 times and we’ve worn it with pride every day across our global facilities. But now, after 15 years and many exciting achievements and innovations, it’s time for an update. As we welcome new companies into the Rocket Lab brand, including Advanced Solutions Inc., Planetary Systems Corp, and SolAero Technologies, and we expand further into space systems, and evolve our launch capabilities, we wanted something that looks to the future.

The refreshed logo retains the heritage of our widely recognized and respected existing brand identity, while modernizing our look to reflect our proven track record of rapid and agile innovation. It acknowledges our successful history and looks to our future, and what an exciting future it’s shaping up to be.

We’re thrilled to have you join us for the ride.