Still Testing launch window begins

Posted on 11 December 2017

In the coming days we will attempt to launch the second Rocket Lab Electron rocket, Still Testing. As the name suggests, we are still very much in a test phase, but this flight is a significant milestone for our team and the next step in our mission to democratize space.  

The potential of space to help us better understand our planet and improve life on it yet to be realised. The benefits of more satellites in low Earth orbit are almost endless, including crucial applications such as improved weather monitoring and natural disaster prediction, to internet from space. This increased and improved data will give companies and organisations better insights into our world, enabling them to make better decisions.

The main barrier to this future is frequency and cost of launch. With this flight we take a step towards changing that. We’re excited to share this step with the world by offering our first livestreamed launch attempt, viewable via our website.

I’d like to thank our customers Planet and Spire Global, for flying with us on Still Testing. Rocket Lab shares a strong ethos with them and it is my belief that by accelerating these companies’ access to orbit, we are initiating a paradigm shift in the use of space.

We’re at this milestone just months after our first test flight, which is a huge testament to the dedicated and innovative team working on the Electron program. They have achieved what many said was impossible, and in record time. I know they will continue to pour drive, dedication and passion into opening access to space.

Let’s get Electron on its way.