There And Back Again

There And Back Again
Mission Name
There And Back Again
Electron Name
There And Back Again
Launch Date
2 May 2022
Launch Time
22:49 UTC
Launch Site
Launch Complex 1

Mission Overview

Launched from Pad A at Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula, the “There And Back Again” mission was Rocket Lab’s 26th Electron launch.

The “There And Back Again” mission deployed 34 satellites to a sun synchronous orbit for a variety of customers including Alba Orbital, Astrix Astronautics, Aurora Propulsion Technologies, E-Space, Spaceflight Inc., and Unseenlabs, and brought the total number of satellites launched by Electron to 146.

“There And Back Again” was also a recovery mission where, for the first time, Rocket Lab caught Electron’s first stage as it returned from space under parachutes using a helicopter. The successful catch brings Electron one step closer to being the first reusable orbital small sat launcher.

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