Launch Information

Launch Complex 1 - Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand

Rocket Lab operates the world’s only private commercial orbital launch site, located on the Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand. From this site we can launch Electron 120 times per year, reaching a wide range of orbital inclinations from 39 degrees to Sun-Synchronous. 

Rocket Lab's most recent launch was the ELaNa-19 mission for NASA. It successfully lifted-off from Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Māhia Peninsula at 06:33 UTC/19:33 NZDT 16 December 2018. All 13 payloads were successfully deployed to orbit. 

Details about the next mission scheduled from Launch Complex 1 are yet to be announced. 

Current Access




Marine Zone




Questions about launch operations and safety zones are welcome via our hotline number - 0800 110 623

Marine information:
Listen on VHF 79 for 24/7 launch updates and information
Call RANGE CONTROL on VHF 07 or 16 and report
• Vessel name
• Destination
• Time planned clear of area

Marine safety areas are detailed in Notices to Mariners, Coastal Navigation Warnings and NAVAREA XIV warnings

Viewing A Launch

The best way to watch a launch is via Rocket Lab’s live video stream. This stream offers the best views of launch and includes helpful commentary about the launch process. A live stream will be made available approximately 15 minutes prior to a launch attempt. The live stream is viewable on a launch day at and Rocket Lab's YouTube channel. Follow @RocketLab on Twitter

Wairoa District Council has allocated a rocket launch viewing area for the public near Nuhaka, accessible via Blucks Pit Road. Visit for more information.


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