Internal Launch Vehicle Assembly Technician

Job Ref: 2961447 | Type: Permanent / Full Time

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About The Role

Have you ever fancied seeing the inside of a rocket? Well in this role you have the opportunity to do just that.

In this position you will be installing equipment that goes inside Rocket Lab’s Electron Launch Vehicle, as you will be entering the rocket it is vital that you are comfortable working in confined spaces, there will always be someone on hand outside the rocket at all times.

To fit inside the launch vehicle, you will need to have hip measurements no greater than 94 cms circumference to ensure that you can easily get in and out of Electron safely.

Working inside the launch vehicle will be required approximately 2 days per week, so there is an opportunity for part time work or a full time role is available if your skills and experience can fit other roles available at Rocket Lab – please review our Careers page for these options.

To succeed in this role you will need a positive attitude and the ability to work well within a team it is vital. Prior experience working within confined spaces and/or electrical assembly work would be an asset.  You don’t need to have rocket experience prior to applying for this role (although that would be nice) as full training will be provided.

If this sounds like you and you are ready for a new challenge, then please apply today.

About Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is the global leader in dedicated small satellite launch. Launching from right here in New Zealand, we design and build innovative technology to give small satellites a premium ride to orbit. 

Small satellites play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives – they connect us, keep us safe, help us understand our planet and manage our impact on it, and they enable us to innovate and explore. There are endless possibilities for what we can achieve with better access to space, and that access is now a reality thanks to Rocket Lab. 

Our relentlessly innovative team is behind Electron, the world’s only truly commercial small satellite launch vehicle in operation today. With multiple orbital launches under our belt and a record of 100% mission success, we’re opening access to space to improve life on Earth. We’ve built a world class team with a reputation for doing the impossible. Collaboration is at our core - every idea is heard and everyone makes a difference.  Every day, we pursue ideas that challenge, excite and demand more of us, and we make them real. Be a part of it.

For security reasons background checks will be undertaken prior to any employment offers being made to an applicant.  These checks will include nationality checks as it is a requirement of this position that you be eligible to access equipment and data regulated by the United States’ International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  Under these Regulations, you may be ineligible for this role if you do not hold citizenship of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the European Union or a country that is part of NATO, or if you hold ineligible dual citizenship or nationality. For more information on these Regulations, click here.

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