Flight Safety Analyst

Job Ref: 2902901 | Type: Permanent / Full Time

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About The Role

As a Flight Safety Analyst you will directly support mission design and launch operations. In this role, you will use your engineering skills to analyse launch vehicle trajectories and model failure modes to characterize the nominal and off-nominal performance of the launch vehicle. In addition, flight safety analyses involve statistics, probability theory, spatial and geographic computations alongside processing large data sets.
You will develop a very unique skill-set and in-depth understanding of the dynamics of spaceflight and associated safety considerations. Your contribution will be key towards ensuring safety during launch.
Key responsibilities:
  • Develop flight safety analysis methods and assumptions and ensure that they are up-to-date with regulatory requirements
  • Development and maintenance of in-house flight safety tools including but not limited to launch vehicle trajectory and performance evaluation, debris modelling, re-entry analysis, overpressure, failure probability and mission risk
  • Development and execution of 6 DoF and 3 DoF simulations
  • Development of statistical models to quantify failure probabilities
  • Handling, processing and analysis of large data sets
  • Prepare flight safety data packages and safety documentation
  • Automation of analysis tools
  • Build flight safety displays for launch operators
  • Support on-console launch operations
Minimum requirements for the Flight Safety Analyst:
  • A Bachelors’ degree in Engineering, science or equivalent qualification
  • 2+ years’ experience with launch vehicle flight safety programs
  • Good understanding of launch vehicle flight dynamics, orbital mechanics and GNC
  • Strong programming skills and familiarity with programming languages – Python, C/C++, MATLAB
  • Familiarity with configuration management and version control
  • Experience generating various safety documents including flight safety data packages, compliance matrices, analysis reports, FMECA
  • Strong technical writing skills, familiarity with LaTeX is a plus
Preferable experience
  • 5+ years’ experience with launch vehicle flight safety programs
  • On-console experience supporting flight safety operations

For security reasons background checks will be undertaken prior to any employment offers being made to an applicant.  These checks will include nationality checks as it is a requirement of this position that you be eligible to access equipment and data regulated by the United States’ International Traffic in Arms Regulations.  Under these Regulations, you may be ineligible for this role if you do not hold citizenship of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the European Union or a country that is part of NATO, or if you hold ineligible dual citizenship or nationality. For more information on these Regulations, click here.

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